Carlo Strub

Money Cycles (2016, with A. Clausen)

1 minute read Published:

Research paper on the theory of money
Operating overheads are widespread and lead to concentrated bursts of activity. To transfer resources between active and idle spells, agents demand financial assets. Futures contracts and lotteries are unsuitable, as they have substantial overheads of their own. We show that money – under efficient monetary policy – is a liquid asset that leads to efficient allocations. Under all other policies, agents follow inefficient “money cycle” patterns of saving, activity, and inactivity.

Checksum a DVD

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How to checksum a DVD, for example an installer DVD of an operating system.

Sometimes you get a DVD that you would like to checksum. For example one to install a new operating system.

Poor Man's SSH

1 minute read Published:

Secure Shell without SSH

A poor man’s alternative to using SSH is to combine socat with spiped.

Replace a Harddisk

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Steps reqired to replace an old harddisk with a new one on FreeBSD.

Here, we explain how to move from an old disk to a new one.

Connectivity to HSG

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This document describes how to connect to the university network using a VPN

This page explains how to connect to the network of the University of St. Gallen.